Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston Expressionist ~ Jason Berger

Last weekend, my friend invited me to the art opening and reception of Boston Expressionist Jason Berger.  I was not familiar with his work until I received the invitation and decided to do a little research on the artist.  

The Harbor St. Valery-eu-Caux
Berger was a Boston painter who is connected to the Boston Expressionists.  He died in 2010 at the age of 88.  He painted en plein air landscapes in the United States, Europe and Mexico and used those motifs in abstracted studio paintings. His approach was direct, his vision clear, his paintings full of structural elegance with the results a positive and optimistic expression. Renowned for his humor, love of jazz, and his upbeat approach to painting, his work expresses the joy of life and love of place. 
"Canal Edam"

He said he and his colleagues were "trying to touch people's hearts".  Having seen his colorful abstract landscapes and energetic brush strokes up close and in person, I realized he succeeded.  Berger's paintings are magical in a unexpected way.  Most of the paintings shown were created over a twenty year period but they are as current and pleasing to this viewer as ever!

The show continues on view until May 4 at the French Embassy in Washington, DC.  Plan to visit the show before it goes...

In addition, the new exhibition, Impressionism" is now open at 

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